Thursday, 16 June 2011

Announcing Luna and Lara!

Luna and Lara is happy to announce the launch of the first healthy organic beverage created for kids by Big kids, with absolutely NO sugar, NO artificial flavors, colors and/or unnatural additives. Luna and Lara is an ultra Pure Spring Water containing just the right amount of essential minerals to fortify and maintain children’s health.

Luna and Lara comes in 3 varieties:

Luna and Lara Pure Spring Water
Tabby Apple Spring Water
Tara Strawberry Spring Water

Luna and Lara is a brand of Pure Spring water with an aim to make water less booooring to kids and to educate them that healthy little bodies can be obtained through healthy hydration of Luna and Lara from Morning until Night. Luna and Lara's slogan is “Luna and Lara have a message that's right. Always drink water from Morning to night. Please visit their WEBSITE.

Forget Sodas...
Drink Smarter...Drink Luna and Lara!

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