Friday, 15 July 2011

Mom and Dad

As parents we want the best for our children.  But we also have to choose our battles carefully because they have 1000 times the energy we have and everything can’t be top priority.  Like every parent, you know your children need water to keep their minds and bodies going, but it is difficult to get them to want to drink water.  Headaches, lack of concentration, poor memory and tiredness are often symptoms of children’s dehydration.  Luna and Lara were created to help you in that daily struggle to serve your children’s needs.  Everything about the characters, the website, the music band “The Rubyz”, the artwork, the stories, puzzles and games has been designed to make your children see that drinking water from day to night is fun. During term time, our children spend most of their waking hours at school.  It’s impossible for them to “make up” for their fluid intake when they are back in our care.  That’s why we’re going to schools to encourage them to make water available throughout the school day, even during classes.  We’re doing our part to help your child to stay hydrated from day till night by making drinking water fun as well as essential and healthy. Luna and Lara’s message is right, always drink water from day to night.

Our mission is to make your job easier.  Please let us know how we can do a better job. Meanwhile, we will keep doing our best to educate your child on the importance of drinking water from day till night!

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