Thursday 22 January 2015

The Springdom of Water

There's a magical Springdom near Sligo Bay
Where glows Luna by Night and shines Lara by Day
Luna the moon and Lara the sun..
Take turns keeping watch over everyone
So close your eyes and get carried away
To where children drink water four times a day

Luna glows brightly and lights up the night
Whilst Lara makes sure that the daytime is bright
The Springdom of Water is warmed by her rays
The children play happily in them for days

Tabby the Cloud Prince flies on his cloud
To tell you the reason he's so very proud
"I came down through the rivers and oceans
to tell you boys and girls about a magical potion.
When I was born I was given an order
to show you all the wonders from The Springdom of Water"

Now Tara the Star Princess has something to say..
about drinking water four times a day.
"It helps you do sports and your favourite hobbies..
It keeps you cool, strong and clear and it cleanses your body...
When I was born I was given an order..
To tell you all the wisdom of the Springdom of Water."

Now Tabby and Tara have a dear friend,
for an Aquanaut's faithful, right to the end.
"I'm the world's only Aquanaut and I'm worth knowin'
I keep the pure water in the Springdom flowin'
Apples and oranges and strawberries too,
plus lots of vitamins so good for you!"

At breaktimes, lunchtimes, bedtimes and tea
Drink water four times for your new friends to see,
Drinking more water's the smart thing to do,
For all the smart children and that includes YOU!

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